We are the only optics manufacturing company in India that has an integrated glass lens fabrication, plastic lens injection molding, AR coating and optical assembly facilities at our factory site in Pune.

We manufacture a wide variety of glass lenses, plastic lenses, doublets, cylindrical lenses, flats, plastic aspheric lenses and prisms, coated and uncoated optics, mirrors, lens sub-assemblies etc. as per your specifications. We can do single layer MgF2 coatings, multi-layer Broadband coatings and mirror coatings on glass optics and plastic optics. We take on pilot and prototype projects as well as large volume production.

We also manufacture our own wide range of Magnifier products for industrial and personal applications. These include the Table Top or Flexible Arm Illuminated Magnifier series where we have a wide selection of options and are the largest manufacturer of that product in India. We also have a series of plastic magnifier products as well as a Video Inspection and Measurement range for industrial applications.

Lensel is a family run Company that has been in business for over 30 years. We have a committed family of 50 employees and customers all over the world. We look forward to solving your optical needs! “