Lensel Optics Pvt. Ltd. was formed in February, 1979 by Mr. Shree Rege. The production commenced in 1981 with our first product range consisting entirely of Compression Molded Fresnel Lenses for use in Overhead Projectors. We were the only company at the time in India to indigenously develop the compression molding technology. In 1982, we received the prestigious Parkhe Award for Import Substitution from the Mahratta Chamber of Commerce and in 1995 our in-house research capability received formal recognition from the Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of India.

With the gradual phasing out of overhead projectors, Lensel realized that its only product line was becoming obsolete. So from the year 2005 onwards, the company got into making Magnifier products for the domestic market. These products used Glass and Plastic lenses and so the company gradually got into the manufacturing of Glass Optics, Plastic molded lenses and AR coated optics. From 2010 onwards, Lensel decided to shift focus away from Magnifiers and onto contract manufacturing of precision glass and plastic optical components with an emphasis on the export market. In the last 5 years, we have added a substantial amount of manufacturing and test equipment including a complete Korean Line of Glass Lens making machines, Satisloh Sputter Coating Chamber, Interferometer, 3 new Injection Molding Machines, various cleanrooms, spectrophotometer etc. This has helped us to increase our Sales Turnover by 300% in the last 5 years and we are continuing to grow strongly. Today contract manufacturing contributes 80% of our Turnover and about 50% of our total Income is from overseas customers. Our diverse manufacturing lines allow us to make anything from simple glass and plastic lenses to high precision coated glass optics, Night Vision lens systems, complex aspheric plastic lenses etc. This diverse manufacturing and knowledge base allows us to offer a great deal of knowledge and flexibility to our customers.

Lensel is a long standing family run business that you can rely on. The Lensel family consists of 60 employees including optical and mechanical engineers, staff and about 35 skilled glass and plastic lens workers. Many of these workers have been with us for over 15-20 years and have developed a very high skill level. Their long years at Lensel are indicative of their commitment to our Company and to our customers.