We do single layer MgF2 coating and multi-layer BBAR coatings on both glass and plastic lenses. Our plastic lens anti-reflection coating/AR coating has a special anti-scratch layer that improves the scratch resistance of the bare plastic.

We have recently acquired the Satisloh SP-100 Sputter Coating System. The SP-100 is a precision sputter coater developed and sold by Satisloh GmbH. The SP-100 has a Silicon Sputter target and creates Broadband coatings through the alternate deposition of Silicon Nitride and Silicon Oxide layers. The Sputter Coating Chamber is particularly known for extremely hard optical coating and durable optical coating
and for very high levels of repeatability that allow for accurate deposition of multi-stack coating formulae.

Some of the coatings that we offer are:

STANDARD BBAR COATING: This is the typical coating for most visible or NIR applications.
Ravg<0.5% from 400 to 700 nm. This can be extended to any 300nm range such as 550-850 for NIR applications. We do this coating on glass and plastic lenses.

Thin Film Coatings, Anti-Reflection Coating

ULTRAWIDE BBAR COATING: This is a newly developed coating that covers the entire visible and NIR range simultaneously.
Ravg< 0.8% for 400 to 940 nm.

AR Coating, Optical Coating

Dual Band Coating: Here we provide low reflection over the entire visible range as well at any specific wavelength outside this range. This is typically used in Night Vision and other defence applications.
Ravg< 0.5% for 400 to 700 nm and R<0.5% at 1064 nm.

Dual Band Coating
Single Layer MgF2 coating:

Single Layer MgF2 coating

WE also offer single layer MgF2 coating on our old chamber. This is the typical traditional lens coating that gives good result on glass, especially high index glasses. It is also durable and cheaper than BBAR coatings. The curve below is for the high index glass N-LAK34.