Manufacturing Glass Optics
Glass Optics Manufacturer
Manufacturer of Glass Optics
Material All glasses from SCHOTT and CDGM Catalog, Fused Silica, Pyrex, Float Glass, Quartz etc.
Size Dia 4 mm to 300 mm
Optical Surfaces Spherical
Specifications Achieved Specification Commercial High Precision
Surface Irregularity Less than 0.5 λ Less than λ/10
Radius of Curvature +/-0.5% +/-0.2%
Center Thickness +/- 0.10 mm +/-0.03 mm
Centration Error 3 arc minutes 1 arc minute
Diameter +0.00, -0.02 mm +0.00, -0.01 mm
Focal Length +/-1 % +/- 0.5%
Scratch / Dig 40/20 20/10
  • We supply glass optics for small pilot and prototype runs as well as for large volume manufacture. We make our own test plates and tools.
  • We can manufacture glass lenses using our high speed grinding/polishing machines which use diamond pellet tools and Poly-urethane pad polishers or the traditional lapping machines using emery powder and pitch polishers. Both lines have certain advantages and certain drawbacks. Based on your exact requirements, we can discuss the appropriate manufacturing option with you.
  • We have supplied glass optics to the defence and medical industries in India, USA, UK, Canada, Belarus, Australia, Brazil etc.