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We have 4 precision Injection Molding machines. Our optical component molding is done within a Class 100,000 Cleanroom. The room has temperature and humidity control. In addition, we have automatic material dryers and loaders as well as automatic mold temperature controllers to ensure that there is perfect stability in the molding environment.

We are able to achieve very high levels of precision and surface figure in our lenses through years of experience in mold design and process optimization.

We supply both coated and un-coated plastic lenses. Our coating is a special multi-layer BBAR coating which provides excellent transmission and anti-scratch resistance to the plastic lenses.

We make plastic injection molded lenses, plastic molded optics for a variety of applications such as low vision devices, magnifiers, plastic aspheric lenses, imaging lens, imaging camera lenses, prisms, condensers, filters, shortpass filters, longpass filters, optical filters, bandpass filters, interference filters attenuators etc.

We design and manufacture our molds in-house. For complex aspheric lenses with higher order coefficients, we procure our cavity inserts from an internationally renowned SPDT service provider.

We have supplied plastic lenses to customers in India, USA, Canada, Belarus, Israel, UK, Belgium, Columbia, Egypt etc.

Material PMMA (Acrylic), Polycarbonate, Zeonex (COC)
Diameter 4mm to 130 mm
Optical Surface Spherical, Conic, Aspheric Surfaces (Even and Odd Aspheres with higher order coefficients)
Shapes Optical surface along with integrally molded features like mounting frame, pegs, notches, spacers etc.
Precision Diameter tolerance : +0.00/ -0.02 mm;
Thickness tolerance : +0.00/ -0.03 mm;
Centering tolerance: 3 arc min;
Scratch/Dig : 60/40;
Focal length tolerance : ± 0.5%;