Deluxe model with High Magnification lens

1. Lens Primary lens of 170 mm (L) *  105mm(W)
Lens of optimal design is made of crystal clear optical crown glass. This ensures a comfortable viewing for long hours.
2. Magnification 2.25 X or > 5Times area  magnification
3. Illumination 2 x 7 watts Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFLs)
4. Stand The Stand is re-engineered to take care of the heavier lens. Internal concealed spring mechanism allows positioning the Optical head with 900 mm reach from the pivot base and 600 mm in vertical plane

This product is better suited for inspections with work breaks. It is preferred in applications that truly demand the higher magnification.

This product is available with any of the bases and can be combined with Increased Magnification Attachment (IMA), L104-1. Spot lens is not suitable for this high magnification lens and is not offered.