Optical Check Unit for pharmaceutical and  bottling industry

Optical Check Unit for pharmaceutical and bottling industry

Model L139
Magnification 1.5X
Field Of view 250mm
Working Distance 350mm
  • L 139 Illuminated Magnifying System for visible particles’ is a highly effective system for inspection of physical contamination in vials, ampoules and other transparent / translucent objects. This product is developed with constant interaction with User in Pharmaceutical Industry and thus provides the most effective environment for inspection.
  • The inspection personnel appreciate its virtues within a short span of starting with this equipment.
  • It complies and exceeds the lighting and general recommendations of pharmacopoeias.
  • The unit is for facilitations of quick identification of dark particles (dust), light particles (fiber) and transparent particles (glass fragments) in the liquid.
  • The standard model itself can be quickly adapted to inspection of tablets, powders and compacted powders.


  • Adjustable top light illuminates the top platform with a brightness of 2400 lux – with a provision for increasing it further, if required. The lamps have easy access for replacement.
  • Bottom light consists of two parallel, intensity regulated collimated beams of 100 mm diameter for white and black background inspection. The lamps have easy access for replacement.
  • Back light with milky white diffuser to distinguish back particles clearly. Also a glossy black background, which helps to identify white & transparent particles. Position of the back light box is adjustable with respect to object under inspection.
  • A large binocular magnifier to assist inspection. This magnifier is mounted on a flexible and universally adjustable stand and can be placed in any desired position with feather touch movements.
  • Hour meter is provided for counting of the actual operational hours of bottom light halogen lamps, to enable the user to replace the lamp before expiry of its recommended life.

Technical Specifications:

  • Top light illumination:
  • Three 20-watt fluorescent tubes.
  • Bottom light illumination: Two parallel beams of 15V, 150W quartz halogen lamps with soft start power supply and with separate infinitely variable intensity regulators. A cooling fan is provided to remove heat.
  • Back light:
  • 22-Watt circular fluorescent tube.
  • Hour meter:
  • Rated Voltage 240V; analog meter with a 7 digit register; and a least count   of 1/100hrs.
  • Dimensions: 750 X 660 X 1700mm.
  • Weight: 75 kg.
  • Total power requirement: 300 watts, Single Phase AC 230V.
  • Magnifier:
  • Completed flexible Arm Illuminator Magnifier with linear Magnification 1.5X.
  • The Product is appreciated by discerning users for its great utility. Check about what Serum Institute of India & Coca-Cola India Private Limited have to say.