LED illumination models (Standard and Semi-deluxe)

The LED ring illumination is available in ST (Standard) and SD (Semi-deluxe) models.

1 LED ring with 40 LEDs in twin rings   Shadow free lighting
2 Power consumption 8 watts Low power consumption, one-third of CFL unit
3 Lumen output 800 lumens High output
4 Colour temperature 60000K, Comfortable daylight
5 Nominal Lux level at working plane 150 mm 2300 Lux Matched to CFL level, higher can be provided.
6 Lamp Life 50000 hrs This is rated theoretical life as per LED mfgr. This is not warranted by Lensel.
  Other product specifications Standard Semi Deluxe
1 Lens 130mm dia 130mm dia with 4X area magnification
2 Reach 900 mm reach from pivot and 600 mm in vertical plane 900 mm reach from pivot and 600 mm in vertical plane
3 Illumination LED LED

Our attachments Increased Magnification attachment (L104-1), and options of Bases (L104A to H), and additional Spot Lens are available with these LED Models. A diffuser cover is incorporated in the basic LED unit. The ESD safe version is also available in Semi deluxe model.