Image based precision Inspection and Measurement Systems L140ED

This is a PC based model that works with a National Instruments Vision based image processing and measurement software named LenselVision100. It is unique with its wide variety of image processing capabilities and measurement tools.

Image Based Precision Inspection and Measurement Systems

The product is used by a variety of industries and research institutions in varied applications from chip making, component fabrication, ICs, lithography, delicate metal, rubber, and plastic components of small size and so on. One of the very popular version is “Trinocular Microscope” (shown below) which is used for weld geometry inspection and measurement.

Product shown above is a Trinocular being used for inspecting weld geometry. The image is displayed on the monitor in the main window and rest of the screen space is shared by Menus, Interactive measurement icons, report table etc. A screen shot below provides the screen layout.

The product provides a simultaneous optical view through the right eyepiece.

General Specification

  • Camera: 1.3 megapixel digital camera. This camera is optimal for the resolution and data capture.
  • Optics: Trinocular Microscope train with 0.7X to 4.5 X magnification. It provides a field of view of 10 mm at 0.7 X setting and 1.5 mm at 4.5 X.
  • Magnification: On screen magnification is equivalent to 25 X to 165X.
  • Illumination: Top LED ring light with intensity control. (Bottom LED panel available is optional.)
  • Optical Magnification: 7Xto 45X.
  • Working Clearance: 90 mm.
  • Optical head height is adjustable up to additional 100 mm to accept tall jobs.
  • The system requires a PC with following minimum specification. Dual Core or higher with WinXP or Win7, Free USB2.0 port, 1 GB RAM, 10 GB free HDD Space. Monitor 43 cms.


  • LED Back Light with intensity control
  • Removable 2X attachment to double the screen magnification (50X to 330X)
  • Removable 0.5X attachment to halve the screen magnification (12.5X to 82X)

Image Based Precision Inspection and Measurement Systems

LenselVision 100 Screen