LabView Based Application Software

LabView Based Application Software

Video X Plus:

This LabVIEW based application we have developed for image acquisition, grabbing, annotating (labeling), and measuring using a point and click routine. It does not have edge detection features, or draw shape features. It is an economical, base version for primary measurements and has no license restrictions.

Main Features

  • Grab Image at different resolutions
  • Save Image
  • Full screen image
  • Annotate image with arrows, circles, boxes, text
  • Measure Point to point distance; Point to line distance; Angle between lines; Circle diameter, circumference, area; Polygon area, perimeter
  • Save report


This is an application developed in-house on LabVIEW platform and it incorporates NI Vision image processing routines. It works with a PC that has NI Vision run time license preloaded. This license is not transferable to another machine.

This is a feature rich image grabbing, image processing, and measurement software. It has edge detection facility for extracting edges, points, and shapes. It has drawing features, best fit algorithms etc. It thus proves to be very potent image measurement software besides serving the purpose of fine inspection.

Main Features:

  • Acquire image
  • Label Image with text, lines, shapes, image overlay etc
  • Extract Circle, Straight edges, edge points
  • Fit circle, line
  • Draw line, circle
  • Generate points as intersection of lines for further measurments
  • Measure Point to point distance; Point to line distance; Circle diameter, area, circumference
  • Angles
  • Ellipse major, minor axes lengths
  • Pitch circle diameters(PCD)
  • A variety of secondary measurements
  • Export to dxf format the results of measurement session
  • Generate dxf drawing

The LenselVision 200 is an extension of LenselVision100 above, but with incorporation of inputs from the encoder scales. It is required for 2 D Image+Stage based Measurement System.

The Lensel Vision300 is an extension of LenselVision200, but with incorporation of Motion Control. It is required for Motorized 2D Image+Stage based Measurement System.

LabView Based Application Software