Video zoom inspection and basic measurement system L140 EC

This is a PC based model that uses a high resolution digital camera to capture the image. The Image is acquired through VideoX Plus Software

Video Zoom Inspection and Basic Measurement System

Above product shows L140 EC, with a 200mmx200mm traverse slider stage and a 7X to 65 X Magnification zoom range. It has 32 Watt Top Illumination, LED backlighting stage, and is shown with accessory 35 deg AVA for IC pins. The PC is required but is not seen in the picture.
This product is a versatile product that finds most relevance in Electronics manufacturing set ups – from artworks to populated boards. The light intensity is with control, the accessories enhance the utility of the product in unique ways.

General Specification

  • Camera: 1.3 megapixel high quality Digital camera
  • Optics : High quality, Parfocal, Variable working distance 10 X Zoom lens
  • Illumination 32 Watt CFL.
  • Stage: Slider Stage 300mm x 300mm with travel of 200mmX200mm.
  • Working Clearance: 140 mm or more.
  • Magnification: 7X to 65X in full screen mode
  • H Field of View = 50 mm to 5.5 mm
  • Software: VideoX Plus
  • Measurement Report in Excel or Word Format
  • PC required: Dual Core or higher with WinXP or Win7, Free USB2.0 port, 1 GB RAM, 10 GB free HDD Space. Monitor 43 cms.


  • 65 x 65 mm Back light Stage
  • 35 deg Angle view attachment with 360 deg panning
  • 70 deg Side view attachment for IC pins.

Video Zoom Inspection and Basic Measurement System

VideoX Plus Screen